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This archive consist of Holy Quran in arabic along with the word by word translation in urdu. This translation is simple and easy to understand and makes the understanding of the Divine Book more easy.

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Please download these files and share them to your friends and family to spread the message of Islam to millions of people that can understand urdu or hindi language. Since the best amongst us is the one who learns quran and teach it to others. Also it our religious obligation to spread the message of islam to humanity at large. I wanted to bring into your notice a mistake in para 19, surah shua'ra ayat Here's the correct ayah. Reviewer: Metro33 - favorite favorite - July 9, Subject: Very large Gigabites file this is a very large file.

Reviewer: Tayyiba Sherjan - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 19, Subject: very helping kindly prepare a list of repeated words with meaning seperately so that if any one is interested get benefit from it. Right to left orientation is suggested. Reviewer: Shahidjpk7 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 18, Subject: Much Appreciated I also much appreciate for this.

That this type of translation is easy available any where.Someday after his last pilgrimage the Messenger of Allah S stood to give us a speech beside a pond which is known as Khum Ghadir Khum which is located between Mecca and Medina.

ahlebait in quran in urdu

It seems the time approached when I shall be called away by Allah and I shall answer that call. I am leaving for you two precious things. First of them is the book of Allah in which there is light and guidance The other one is my Ahlul-Bayt.

I remind you in the name of Allah about my Ahlul-Bayt. Despite the fact that the author of Sahih Muslim and many other Sunni traditionists have recorded the above tradition in their authentic books, it is regrettable that the majority of Sunnis are unaware of its existence at the best, or deny it at the worst.

Their counter argument is that the most reliable tradition in this regard is the one recorded by al-Hakim in his al-Mustadrak, on the authority of Abu Huraira, attributing to the Messenger of Allah saying: "I leave amongst you two things that if you follow or act upon, you will not go astray after me: The Book of God and my Sunnah traditions. However, the question remains that which Sunnah is genuine and which one is invented later and was falsely attributed to the Prophet.

It should be noted that although the book of al-Hakim is an important Sunni collection of traditions, yet it is ranked inferior to the six major Sunni books. This is while Sahih Muslim is in the second rank among the six Sunni collections of traditions.

All Muslims irrespective to their persuasions claim that they follow the Sunnah of the Prophet S. The differences among Muslims come from the transmitted Prophetic traditions through different avenues. All Muslims, as a result, splintered into different schools, groups, offshoots, which is believed to add up to seventy three groups. All of them are obeying their own version of Sunnah which they claim to be the true one.

Which of these groups follow the true Sunnah of the Prophet? Which one out of 73 groups will be the prosperous one, and will survive?

Other than the tradition of Sahih Muslim mentioned above, the following authentic traditions provide a unique detailed answer for this question:. They are, the Book of Allah, and my progeny, that is my Ahlul-Bayt. The Merciful has informed me that These two shall not separate from each other till they come to me by the Pool of Paradise.

Musnad, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v3, pp 14,17,26,59, v4, ppv5, pp , Of course, any Muslim should follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Sand as such, we, the Followers of Ahlul-Bayt, submit to the genuine practice Sunnah of the Holy Prophet of Islam S and consider it to be the only path of salvation. But the above tradition gives evidence to the fact that any so-called Sunnah practice which contradicts Ahlul-Bayt is NOT a genuine Sunnah and has been innovated later on by some pay-rolled individuals in support the tyrants.

The Ahlul-Bayt of the Prophet who are raised in his house know more than anybody else about the Sunnah of the Prophet and what it entails, for as the proverb goes: "The people of Mecca know its paths better than anyone else.

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Now let us take a look at the following tradition:. They shall not separate from each other till they both return to me by the Pool of Paradise. Interesting to see, al-Hakim has many other traditions about necessity of following Ahlul-Bayt, among which is the following tradition. My Ahlul-Bayt are like the Ark of Noah. Also in section 2, pO you who believe! Sura Nisa And when there comes to them news of security or fear they spread it abroad; and if they had referred it to the Apostle and to those in authority among them, those among them who can search out the knowledge of it would have known it Or do they envy the people for what Allah has given them of His grace?

So of them is he who believes in him, and of them is he who turns away from him, and hell is sufficient to burn. We should know that Commentators have differed in explaining Ulil Amr. From the Ahle Sunnat commentators, some have said that they are chiefs and commanders of army and kings, and again some of them have also said that Ulil Amr means the learned of the Ummat. Imamite scholars are unanimous that they are the Imams of Aale Muhammad a.

On the basis of narrations which will be mentioned henceforth Ulil Amr is one who has authority in affairs and there is no limit to this. It means that he should possess authority in all the affairs of religion and the world and so he can be only the Imam.

If a person has authority only in one matter his obedience would be obligatory only in that matter and one who has absolute authority in all affairs only he would be the person whose obedience is absolute and only he is the Imam.

Rather, just as Prophethood is from Allah promulgated through the angel so is really, the Imamate is an appointment through the Prophet and only because of this the observance of the Imam is like obedience of the Prophet.

Contrary to it, though the rank of Prophethood is a very high rank, it is not similar to the rank of divinity. When Allah Himself has joined the obedience of this group with the obedience of Himself and of His Prophet, then doubtlessly a group must have been appointed by them Allah and the Prophet whose command Amr would be the Amr of Allah and His Prophet so that their obedience may join with the obedience of Allah and His Prophet.

Otherwise it will be construed that the obedience of oppressive and cruel kings like the king of Byzantine will be called and understood the obedience of Ulil Amr, which is like obedience of Allah and His messenger.

ahlebait in quran in urdu

The ugliness of this is not hidden from my wise person. As Shaykh Tabarsi has said: it is not possible that Allah the All-wise can permit the absolute obedience of a person except that of a person whose obedience be proved. Allah can never command the obedience of any person who may disobey Him and may order the obedience of a group whose deeds may be different from their words because the obedience of the differing group is impossible just as their agreement on a matter in which they have differed.

One of all the proofs which we have given is this one also that Allah Almighty has made the obedience of His Messenger, His obedience because the Ulil Amr are higher than the entire creation just as the Messenger is higher than the Ulil Amr and the entire creation and this virtue is in the Imams from Aale Muhammad whose Imamate and infallibility has been proved and the Ummah has unanimously agreed on their high ranks and their justice.

Then if you quarrel about anything then submit that difference or dispute to the Book of Allah and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet S.

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And we Shias say that, after the passing away of the Holy Prophet S turn towards the Imams who are the vicegerents of the Prophet. Turning towards them for guidance is like it was to seek guidance from the Holy Prophet S during his lifetime, because they are the protectors of the Hazrat and his Caliphs in the Ummah.

Here ends the words of Tabarsi. In the first part of the verse there was the mention of Ulil Amr but, at the end of the verse, due to the prevalent recitation mode of readingthey are not mentioned and only the point stated by Tabarsi has been mentioned. It may be to point out that any disagreement or dispute regarding Imamate should also be referred to the Book and the Sunnah. Therefore the Imam must be nominated by Allah and His Prophet, not in the way adopted by the opponents, who believe that Imamate should be based on consensus and think that the appointment of an Imam is by the Imam, but it is mentioned in some traditions that in the Qirat recitation of Ahle bayt a.

In short, it has been mentioned in a near true narration that this verse was revealed as: then if you quarrel about anything, refer it to Allah and the Apostle and those in authority from among you….People of the House, People of the Household or Family of the House primarily refers to the family of the Islamic prophet Muhammad[i] [1] and, to a lesser extent according to Muslimshis ancestor Abraham. Shiites believe that they consist of Muhammad ; his daughter, Fatimah ; his son-in-law, Ali ; and their children, Hasan and Husaynknown collectively as the Ahl al-Kisa People of the Cloak.

Twelvers also emphasize the Twelve Imams as Muhammad's descendants; other Shi'ites sects emphasize other descendants, such as Zayd ibn Ali in the case of Zaidiyyah and Isma'il ibn Ja'far in the case of Isma'ilism. A person's ahl al-bayt refers politely to his family and all those who live in his house. According to the Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thoughtthe Quran uses the phrase ahl al-bayt twice as a term of respect for wives: [6] the first use [iii] refers to Muhammad's wives; the second [iv] refers to Sara, Abraham's wife.

Who constitutes ahl al-bayt has been debated. According to the Islam Question and Answers website, ahl al-bayt means:. The ahl al-bayt Muhammad's household is mentioned in a verse of the Quran: [9].

O wives of the Prophet! And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore, and keep up prayer, and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! And keep to mind what is recited in your houses of the communications of Allah and the wisdom; surely Allah is Knower of subtleties, Aware.

The definition of the phrase in this verse has been subject to a variety of interpretations.

Islamic Books

According to one tradition in which Muhammad's companion Salman the Persian is includedit distinguishes muhajirun emigrants from Mecca from ansar residents of Medinan who took them in.

According to Sunni doctrine attributed to ibn 'Abbas and Ikrimah ibn Abi-Jahl companions of Muhammadthe phrase includes his wives and dependents. This is supported by traditions, attributed to Muhammad, where he addresses each of his wives as Ahl al-Bayt.

ahlebait in quran in urdu

Laura Veccia Vaglieri writes in the Encyclopaedia of Islam : [11]. Other interpretations include the family of Ali and other relatives of Muhammad, such as AqeelJa'farand al-Abbas.

A Shi'ite Encyclopedia

He wrapped him under it, then came Husain and he wrapped him under it along with the other one Hasan. Then came Fatima and he took her under it, then came 'Ali and he also took him under it and then said: Allah only desires to take away any uncleanliness from you, O people of the household, and purify you thorough purifying.

The tradition about this hadith derives from several sources to Fatimah. She said that when her father visited her home with a fever, he asked for a Yemeni cloak which she folded around him. Hasan and Husayn joined him under the cloak, followed by Ali.

Fatimah asked to join them, and Muhammad spoke the Quranic verse ; [14] they were the chosen ones, and he wanted God to protect them from najis. God sent Gabriel to tell Muhammad that the five under the cloak were the dearest and nearest to him, with no impurities. The Twelver and Ismaili branches of Shia Islam differ about the imamate.

Twelvers believe in the Twelve Imamsand Ismailis believe that the descendants of Isma'il ibn Jafar rather than his brother, Musa al-Kadhim inherited the mmamate. According to Anas ibn MalikMuhammad passed Fatimah's home for six months when he left for fajr prayers and said: "It is time for salah. Surely Allah desires to remove all imperfection from you and your family". Muslims venerate Muhammad's household. A Shiite interpretation applies the verse to the ahl al-baytbut another view interprets the verse as commanding love for relatives in general.

The latter view is favored by the contemporary scholar Madelung. Sharia Islamic law prohibits the imposition of sadaqah charity or zakat tax on Muhammad's kin including the Banu Hashimsince Muhammad forbade this income for himself and his family. Instead, they are given part of the spoils of war.No videos yet! Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Don't miss new videos Sign in to see updates from your favourite channels Sign In.

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That's "reassuring," given the key role the CBO projections play in the formation of healthcare policy amid the ever-shifting variables of healthcare reform, the analysis says.

Here's how some of the agency's estimates match up with that of other groups and with the actual figures:Overall, most errors in the CBO's predictions can be traced back to the fact that its estimates were made before taking into account the effects of the ACA, the analysis concludes. Once it adjusted its estimates to account for healthcare prices being lower than expected and incomes being higher, the CBO's estimates came within 18 percent of the actual figures.

Skip to main content document. The actual enrollment was lower than any group's prediction, with only 6 million enrolled by the end of 2014 and about 5 million of them receiving subsidies--though the total enrollment jumped to 8 million by the end of the sign-up period due to a last-minute surge.

In 2010, the CBO projected that 10 million people would enroll in Medicaid expansion by 2014, a figure it revised to 7 million when the Supreme Court ruled that states could opt out of expanding the program. The actual increase in Medicaid enrollment due to the ACA was about 8 million, the analysis found, making CBO's projection and the Urban Institute's the two most accurate after adjusting other groups' predictions on the same scale the CBO used.

The CBO estimated in 2015 that the ACA had reduced the number of uninsured by 12 million, leaving a remaining 42 million uninsured. Though it uses a somewhat different metric than the CBO uses, the estimate from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) was that 36 million people lacked health insurance in 2014.

The latest data from the NHIS, meanwhile, shows the uninsured rate is down to an all-time low of 9 percent. In 2010, nearly all groups overestimated the average premium of a "benchmark"--or second-lowest cost--silver plan in 2014. Overall, most errors in the CBO's predictions can be traced back to the fact that its estimates were made before taking into account the effects of the ACA, the analysis concludes.

Number of uninsured Americans at all-time low document.

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